Great Green Idea: Green Eating: Greening the Dining Room Table

Greening the Dining Room Table

Easy with edible dip bowls, bread soup bowls and biodegradable drinking cups.

I know I know you're thinking "what the heck is he talking about"? But there may be two things you are not aware of. One, the writer is not going "doolally" and second, there is a way of greening the dining room table without breaking the bank; and remember, every small step you take on the road to biodegradable environment, the better.

A simple way of greening the dining table is to use bread bowls for soups (and many other foods as well) as well as bowls, plates and drinking cups made from paper or vegetables. Yes, vegetables. Plates and bowls, drinking cups and glasses all made from sheets of vegetable matter and formed using 3D molds. The cups and glasses can hold warm liquids, but hot coffee or tea I am not so sure. The biodegradable plates will hold most types of meals, but for really hot food they are not so practical.

However, it is not something to be sniffed at, and the use of environment friendly, biodegradable plates, bowls and cups etc is a small step, but one which you can continue with as long as you wish.

Biodegradable plates, bowls and drinking cups are also made from sugarcane fiber, and these are usually 100% microwave and freezer safe. As well as preparing wholesome, organic meals for the family, one can also prepare in advance, place the ready meals in the freezer, safe with the knowledge that they can be re-heated in the microwave oven later. The plates, bowls and dishes after use can also be composted down for use in the garden or small holding.


You can also buy plates, drinking cups and all kinds of biodegradable, environment friendly "crockery" etc to make that small but essential mark on the environment. Paper plates, which can only be used once, can be composted with other organic environment friendly waste, and re used on the garden or small holding as compost.

Likewise, the previous suggestion of plates and cups etc being used that are made from vegetable matter can be composted down.

The real bread bowls that one may use for soups, dips or anything that will fill a hollowed out bread round can be composted down, fed to the birds or perhaps recycled for the next meal. It really is down to how far green you want to go.

But it isn't just the things one eats that one should be thinking of when greening the dining table. The bigger picture should be looked at when it comes to the table. Biodegradable table cloths, which can also be mulched and composted, are as much a part of the green scene as biodegradable drinking cups, plates and bowls.

It may be that you want to make a statement, or it may be that edible tableware is already a part of your lifestyle. There is a wealth of information to be obtained, and finding suppliers of edible table ware in the age of the web is as easy as eating the soup bowl. If you haven't considered this option for greening the dining table before, then maybe now is the time to start.

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